12 Most Popular and Best Watches Brands in India 2019

Best watches brands in India

If you are a person looking for the Best Watches Brands in India then you are at the right place. In this post, I am going to tell you about 12 Best and most popular watches brands available in India which are most liked in the watch market, and who have made their own place in the heart of the Indian people.

Watches are worn by millions of people all over the world, whether you are looking for watches for yourself or you want to give it to a person.

Watches make any outfit more effective, watches take a different charm in our personality. Therefore it is very important to choose a suitable watch for your dress.

Today, there are so many top watches brands available in the Indian watch market, which offer many types of watches at a very low cost for all classes of people but it can make it difficult for us to choose the perfect suitable watch for our personality.

Many of these hot-selling brands are ruling the Indian men’s watch market. You may have seen or heard of many of these brands before. Some of them are luxury watches brands with big international names that offer high-end watches.

Also, some of these are domestic watch brands offering quality watches at very low prices. In this post, I have reviewed the top 12 most popular and best watches brands available in India which can help you to choose the best suitable watch for your personality at a very affordable price.

List of 12 Best Watches Brands in India 2019

1. Titan

Top 12 Most Popular and Best Watches Brands in India (Aug 2019)

Titan is the first choice of Indians and is one of the most popular watch brands in India. This is the most liked Indian watch brand offering high-quality watches at a very low cost.

The brand is known for its classic watches in the Indian watch market. Whether it is your birthday gift or a wedding reception gift, Titan is India’s most favorite watch brand.

Titan is an Indian luxury brand which comes in 1984 when it was launched in collaboration with Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation.

The brand has made such models that are very famous and acclaimed throughout India such as Aqua, Diva, Insignia, Raga, and Octane.  Every year, many new launches are included in the high-end archive of the Titan Watches.

The best thing about Titan watches is that it provides watches at all prices for people of all classes, from expensive people to cheap people; they have all types of watches in its collection.

2. Timex

Top 12 Most Popular and Best Watches Brands in India (Aug 2019)

Talking about the best watches brands in India Timex is another brand comes out. Timex is an American manufacturing company that is selling cheap timepieces from 1854 and it has also made big revenue in Indian men’s watches segment.

It is famous for its Digital Watches in India. Timex provides quality watches to all of its customers. The product range of Timex watches is innovative because it claims the designer look with the latest technology.

The brand is known for its excellent Italian designs with German engineering watches, which emerge as Ace wristwatch. Timex watches provide the collection of intelligent quartz for fashion lovers, a wide range for fitness lovers and campaign collections for adventure lovers to understand the needs of a person.

Being the owner of the Timex Watch is a matter of pride for Indian men today and for this reason, it is one of the best-selling brands in the country. For decades, Timex Group USA has distributed high-end rematch and this is why this brand is one of the leading brands in India.

Timex is a famous brand in the Indian watch market. Due to its premium quality and cheap price range, it is quite popular in India. There are some collections made by Campaign and Quartz people. Its performance and price range are one of the main reasons why people like this brand.

From fashion lovers to fitness experts, Timex provides the best collection of watches for everyone. The latest collection Timex Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch is a signature men’s watch specially designed for men of all ages.

3. Citizen

Top 12 Most Popular and Best Watches Brands in India (Aug 2019)

Citizen is a Japanese company, which produces watches that are technically advanced and have unique and innovative features. It holds a key position as one of the leading producers of advanced technology watches.

The first watch for the slimmest LCD timepiece as well as voice recognition in civilian watches and the first watch for diving with an electronic depth sensor is included in the archive of this brand.

The Civil eco-drive satellite f100 which works on solar power and works for up to six months and does not require cell or battery, gives you satellite time, wherever you are and it takes only three seconds to do so.

Although they are more popular for their digital watches in India, they have analog, digital-analog and chronograph watches. This brand is one of the largest Japanese producers of the wristwatch.

Each watch is a masterpiece and is an ideal blend of beauty and technology. Add a powerful look of Citizen watches in personality and to attract everyone’s attention. So, with all these amazing and high-end features, Citizen is considered one of the expensive watches brands in India.

4. Casio

Top 12 Most Popular and Best Watches Brands in India (Aug 2019)

Going ahead to the list of best watch brands in India, Casio is another Japanese watch brand that deserves a place on this list. Casio has been a popular and most favorite brand for ages. They are the most popular among the younger generation for their digital watches in India.

Casio is a Japanese electronics watch brand that has extended its hands to many businesses. One such business is the manufacture of watches which has made it one of the most top watches brands in the world.

Casio manufactures many products like watches for men and women, music equipment, calculator, and various electronic products, but Casio watches segment have more craze compared to other products.

They are standing for innovation and style. The brand produces watches that are quite affordable and therefore, are quite popular in India. G-Shock, Protrek, Wave Captor, Sheen, Edifies and Youth Series are some of his famous watches collections in India.

The brand also introduces new concepts of connecting your Smartphone to the watches, as well as the Casio first company that launched the GPS Atomic Solar watch. So if you are looking for the Best Watches Brands in India then you will definitely get a Casio watches a mix of style and technology.

5. Daniel Klein

Top 12 Most Popular and Best Watches Brands in India (Aug 2019)

If you are looking for something stylish, cool masterpiece then Daniel Klein could be your best choice. Daniel Klein is one of those best watches brands in India that offers watches that go perfectly with all occasions and attires.

Watches of Daniel Klein brand are extremely stylish and appreciate every outfit you are wearing. Daniel Klein watches makes you stand out of the crowd and makes the head-turner of the night.

This watches brand is quite popular among the Indian buyers, as the brand offers timepieces for your formal and casual look. From metallic to leather strap designs, Daniel Klein has something special for everyone.

Daniel Klein brand has some of the finest designed watches collection which are specially crafted for a modern-day generation. Daniel Klein Analog Gray Dial Men’s Watch and Daniel Klein Analog Gold Dial Women’s Watch are two of the most important timepieces sold by the brand.

When you shop online in India, you will get amazing deals and discounts on this brand. So, what’s the wait, get the sophisticated watches and look fashionable wherever you go. 

6. Guess

Top 12 Most Popular and Best Watches Brands in India (Aug 2019)

When you are searching for something fashionable, stylish, and expensive things then you should go for the GUESS watches which is known for its expensive and stylish wristwatch.

Guess is also one of the best watches brands available in India that offers a verity of watches. Guess is a chic brand that is an amalgamation of unique designs, elegance, and style. Watches of this brand have an appealing design and a posh finish.

I’m sure that you will be fall in love with this watch brand that has stunning models such as Guess Sport, Guess Pursuit and others. From exquisite styles to the most amazing craftsmanship, these luxury watches are bound to make you fall in love.

Guess Analog Blue Dial Women’s Watch and Guess Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch is the most trending watch of the season. This round-shaped watch is an epitome of elegance that exhibits a beautiful navy blue color along with a metallic gold dial.

This brand produces the best model of the wristwatch and is the best example of the best fashion, style, and unique craftsmanship.

7. Tommy Hilfiger

Top 12 Most Popular and Best Watches Brands in India (Aug 2019)

If you are a person who is fond of expensive watches, if you love quality products, then these watches of the Tommy Hilfiger brand are just for you.

Tommy Hilfiger is a famous brand in the fashion industry and also one of the best watches brands in India. Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world’s leading designer watch brands available right now.

This is India’s one of the most expensive watches brand, offering classic to sporty watches for everyone. Watches of this brand have a sophisticated look that makes it the favorite of everyone.

They are known for their elegant and classy designs and feel comfortable when you are wearing them. From Elegant to Sporty Look, the brand creates a unique style of the timepiece that will immediately shine the wearer’s wrist.

It is internationally recognized to celebrate the essence of classic American quiet style. Watches of this brand are designed for men, women and unisex segments, where you can feel comfortable with the class while you are wearing them.

There are a Sporty look watches for men in fashion, while for women, we suggest you make the Gold Watches a boost for your personality.

The watches of this brand is a hot favorite among the youth because it is a symbol of the trend and quiet fashion. Improve your personality by wearing Tommy Hilfiger’s beautiful watches that are born to look beautiful.

8. Fastrack

Top 12 Most Popular and Best Watches Brands in India (Aug 2019)

As everyone knows Fastrack is another best watch brand in India. They are a youth-oriented brand introduced by Titan and have made it a place for itself in the Indian market.

Fastrack, a sub-brand of Titan launched in 2008, has become one of the fastest-growing casual watches brands in India. Since then, it has left a remarkable imprint on the younger generation.

Fastrack is a brand that has a special place in our hearts. A brand that triggered a stir among youth when it was launched, it is still a name that is played by most teenagers and young adults. Fastrack is the only watch brand that defines the youth of the nation.

Fastrack has become India’s largest watch brand for urban youth. Technology and design are best suited for colloquy which wants a funky style with promise quality and accurate and affordable price.

This brand brings fashionable watches for men, with a huge variety in terms of color and design, the main goal of this brand is the customer base’s young population. Being an inexpensive brand, Fastrack definitely keeps a special place in the heart of every girl and boy.

From cheap timepieces to flares and refreshing designs, Fastrack has become a major brand. Fastrack Black Magic Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch and Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Digital Black Dial Unisex Watch are of its best selling watches.

9. Fossil

Top 12 Most Popular and Best Watches Brands in India (Aug 2019)

American brand Fossil is also one of the best watch brands in India. It is very popular in India due to its stylish design and affordable price range.

Fossil is a watch brand that represents some of the best yet classic timepieces. The sleek, strong and fashionable designs of these watches are worth noting and its popularity is a major reason. You will be in love with the high-end American brand Fossil watches.

The excellent collection of these luxury watches offers some of the most amazing designs, styles, and features. The greasy, strong and fashionable design of fossil watch is a few noteworthy. We bet you it will soon be your best friend as the brand offers many types of designs, styles, and features.

Fossils have also launched their Smartwatches in India. Fossil Smartwatch is one of the most unique and well-known watches that track your mobile’s everyday events. With its many capabilities, you can check day-to-day activities on your watch.

Fossil Grant Chronograph Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch has brought a storm in the market with its stellar automatic experience. Fossil Q Wearable, Dean and Decker are some of the best collections of these brands available in India.

You can also opt for Fossil Smartwatch, which will give you information on every activity of your mobile track, as well as it will give you a feature to customize the watch face design.

10. Giordano

Top 12 Most Popular and Best Watches Brands in India (Aug 2019)

In the list of best watches brands available in India, Giordano is a modern-day love of all. Giordano timepieces are an excellent combination of classes. The timepiece from Giordano is crafted for the people of the modern-day.

It is a Hong Kong-based international company that offers splendid watches with analog, digital and chronograph display in Quartz, Automatic and hand-driven movements, Giordano is perfect for a modern-day or a vintage person.

Every watch of this brand is truly a masterpiece with swanky and classic designs which is an absolute winner for every fashion-forward person. The gorgeous, stunning look and the beautiful craftsmanship has made it to the top of the chart of best watches brands in India.

Giordano has a wide range of straps variety and a plethora of styles that are just meant to suits yourself as luxurious. Giordano Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch and Giordano Analog Gold Dial Women’s Watch are the two bestsellers in men’s and women’s range respectively.

11. Maxima

Top 12 Most Popular and Best Watches Brands in India (Aug 2019)

If you are looking for the classic traditional watches at an affordable price then you should definitely go for Maxima brand, another best watch brand in India famous for its affordable range of best watches.

Maxima brand is known for his formal watches in India as they produce designer formal watches for both men and women. It is quite popular because of its price and design and is surely one of the best watch brands in India.

Maxima offers a couple of collection so it is considered a good gifting option. This is the reason why couples prefer Maxima when it comes to gifting a beautiful present to their beloved.

Maxima provides its timepiece from the various price range. Apart from a couple of watches, Maxima offers affordable watches specifically for men, women, and children along with a special series of Uber watches.

You can find these watches in almost any watch store in India and also on the internet if you are looking for online.

12. Sonata

Top 12 Most Popular and Best Watches Brands in India (Aug 2019)

Going ahead in our list of the Best Watch Brands in India, Sonata is another evergreen brand who offers various watches for all. They have been one of the most favorite brands when it comes to affordable watches in India.

The brand Sonata is known for his admirable and lovely watches that are loved by every Indian person. The watches of this brand have a unique elegance and beauty that makes people buy them.

Sonata has produced all types of watches in terms of looks, style, and mechanism. Sonata makes watches for the people of every generation.

The best thing about buying Sonata watches is that they produce watches that will suit any occasion as well as festivals and they all have a thematic grace.

Best Watches Brands in IndiaBuyers Guide

At the time of buying a watch, the only questions are what type of watches you should buy? There is no lack of top watches and watches brands available in the market for you to choose from. Therefore it could make your job a lot difficult and confusing than it should not be.

Here is the list of things you should look or remember for when it comes to buying the watches or you looking for the best watches brands in India.

1. Size of Watches

Each watch brand has its own different watch size. A watch size should ideally be so that it can fit comfortably on your wrist. Most people see that a watch face that fits them well is between 34 mm-50 mm.

2. The strap of the Watch

The second thing that should be carefully considered when selecting watches is that you should see what the watch strap is made of. The wristwatch straps are made of different materials, such as leather, plastic, mesh, and rubber.

Some of them are considered more practical than others, so choose the watch that is suitable for your palm. Also, it should be seen whether it is very easy to waterproof and clean than other materials.

3. The shape of the Watch

After selecting the right size and strap of the watch, determining the shape of that watch is another important point that you have to take special care of.

When selecting the watch, think about what should be the appearance of what your new watch should be like; this is most appropriate for your personality or dress.

4. Color of the Watches

Try to choose classic and cool colors watches instead of bright colors. The color of the watch is different for men and women, as the dark and metallic, brown color watches for men are considered to be the best, as is the case of light color watches suitable for women.


These are the top popular and the Best Watches Brands available in India. I hope the review of this top watch brands will help you to choose the perfect watch brand for yourself.

Do let me know in the comment for which watches brand you have decided to go for yourself.

We have also made a comprehensive research on the Beard Trimmer for Men, so don’t miss to check out our another great article on Best Beard Trimmer for Men in India.

If you enjoyed reading the above post, then share this post with your loved ones. If you think there is a watch brand that should have been on our list or had to mention it, then do let us know in the comments.

It will be my pleasure that I can give you my best every time. Thank you for reading our post.

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